Indonesia History, Gorontalo Was Independent 3 Years Before Indonesia's Independence

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「Assalamualaikum」- Hello jo, thanks for coming to my personal blog. I deliberately wrote this Indonesian history in English so that foreigners could understand it better. Even though there is an easy to use google translation available, I still do it in English as the currently recognized international language.

Everyone knows that Indonesia was under Dutch colonial rule for 350 years, starting with the arrival of the Dutch in Indonesia to trade and then forcing the natives to submit to them.

This time I will not discuss the dark history of my nation, because it is too painful to tell.

Indonesia succeeded in becoming independent on August 17, 1945, but many do not know that there are areas in Indonesian territory that became independent first in 1942.

Indonesian history once noted that there was an area that had been independent 3 years earlier, to be precise on January 23, 1942. The area was named Gorontalo, which is located on the island of Sulawesi.

Gorontalo, which is far from the island of Java, which was the center of the independence movement, could not immediately inform about the independence that had been achieved.

With the efforts and sacrifices of the Gorontalo people on the fourth Friday in January 1942 a Gorontalo figure named Nani Wartabone  who was accompanied by Kusno Danupoyo 

The limitations of technology at that time, so that the independence of Gorontalo did not spread and did not reach the island of Java.

Even in 1945 when Indonesia became independent, the people of Gorontalo did not know, until 1947 it was announced that Indonesia had become independent from the colonial rule of any nation.

Currently Gorontalo has become a province with separate regional autonomy, because previously it was still part of the province of North Sulawesi.

The world community only knows about Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali, even though there are many areas in Indonesia that have interesting histories and must be known.

That's one of the history of Indonesia that I write through this blog
See you in the next English article.

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